Uses and Solutions

What We Offer

We know your business strives to protect its employees and patrons by keeping facilities clean and disinfected. At Vitatek Solutions, we offer a wide range of premier products to solve your business’s cleaning and disinfection needs. Our products are frequently used in a wide range of settings and industries from residential to commercial. Learn about some of the common uses and solutions for our products below.

Schools and Educational Facilities

Now, more than ever, we understand the need to keep our schools, universities, libraries, and other educational facilities free of harmful pathogens that can make students, faculty, and staff sick. We offer a variety of cleaning products that make it easy to control germs while also avoiding the harmful chemicals found in conventional cleaning products. Our Steriwipes Virucidal Wipes are perfect for quick cleanup of desks, chairs, floors, and other contact surfaces. For convenient hand sanitizing anytime anywhere, our hypoallergenic and moisturizing Eco Sanitizer hand sanitizer gel will get the job done while protecting your skin. Where a larger volume of hand sanitizer is needed, our Svavo soap dispenser will dispense the perfect amount of product, and with several mount options, it fits perfectly in any space. Whether the job is big or small, our premier disinfectant solution, Vital Oxide, will eliminate 99.999% of bacteria and viruses without damaging your health or the environment. To save your organization time and money, apply disinfectant solution using the electrostatic sprayer by Victory Innovations, which provides better coverage in a shorter amount of time. Learn more about how Vitatek Solutions is helping to reduce the spread of disease in educational facilities

Cleaning Industry

The cleaning industry is inundated with cleaning products that may effectively tackle the germs but that expose you and the environment to a host of harmful chemicals. Many employees in the cleaning industry are faced with debilitating health challenges like asthma, skin rashes, and organ damage as a result of the chemicals they regularly come into contact with, and the chemicals that are commonly used can also have a devastating impact on our environment. We are proud to offer a variety of premier products that powerfully clean and disinfect while also remaining gentle on you and our planet. Our hypoallergenic and biodegradable disinfectant solution, Vital Oxide, kills 99.999% of bacteria and viruses without producing any VOCs or harmful byproducts. In fact, Vital Oxide is so safe that personal protective equipment is not required when using it. Vital Oxide is available in a variety of sizes so whether you are cleaning residential homes or industrial factories you can find the perfect product for your business’s needs. Apply Vital Oxide quickly and efficiently using our portable, cordless, and lightweight Victory Innovations electrostatic sprayer, which is available in both a backpack and handheld configuration. The electrostatic charge enables particles of disinfectant solution to evenly coat and wrap around surfaces for better coverage. Using an electrostatic sprayer has been proven to save time and uses on average 65% less solution than when cleaning using conventional methods. For personal protection between jobs, our Eco Sanitizer Hand Sanitizer Gel is perfect for protecting your hands from harmful pathogens without drying or damaging skin with regular use. Learn more about how the products at Vitatek Solutions can revolutionize your cleaning services.

Transportation Industry

Every day, hundreds of thousands of people rely on public transit and as a result, public transit vehicles and centres can quickly become a melting pot of viruses and bacteria. These facilities can increase the rate of disease transmission if not properly cleaned and maintained. The cleaning demands of such large-scale and publicly occupied spaces can be overwhelming. Transit companies across the country are turning to Vitatek Solutions for their cleaning and disinfecting needs. Whether your company is large or small, we have the tools and products to keep your stations and vehicles of public transit clean so your transit service can run smoothly while minimizing the spread of disease. Vital Oxide, our flagship product and premier disinfectant solution, can be used on a variety of surfaces including fabric, carpet, and plastic. It quickly kills 99.999% of bacteria and viruses without causing any harmful chemicals, byproducts, or VOCs. Vital Oxide can be quickly and efficiently applied in large and small spaces alike using our electrostatic sprayer by Victory Innovations, which has been proven to save time and money when compared with other cleaning methods. Our Eco Sanitizer Hand Sanitizer Gel is hypoallergenic, fragrance-free, and moisturizing to skin and can be conveniently stationed in vehicles of public transit using our Svavo Soap dispenser, which can be mounted to walls or freestanding in entryways and aisles or on countertops. For quick cleanups, our SteriWipes Virucidal Wipes are a wonderfully convenient cleaning tool to have on board. Learn more about how Vitatek Solutions is helping to reduce disease transmission in public spaces.

Food Industry

The ability to keep food contact surfaces free of bacteria and viruses is a top priority in the food and beverage industry, but it can be difficult to find products that clean and maintain food prep areas without either altering the food’s flavour or requiring burdensome rinsing to remove chemical residues. Many cafeterias, bars, coffee shops, restaurants, breweries, and food production facilities have already discovered Vital Oxide, which is the perfect disinfectant solution for cleaning and sanitizing food prep and eating areas. Vital Oxide kills 99.999% of bacteria and viruses and is free of harmful chemical byproducts and VOCs. It is naturally hypoallergenic and biodegradable, and is non-toxic to skin and respiratory tissues. Best of all, Vital Oxide is NSF-registered as a D-2 antimicrobial product, allowing it to be used at full strength on food contact surfaces with no rinsing required, saving you time and effort! For large facilities requiring regular disinfection, applying disinfectant using our electrostatic sprayer by Victory Innovations saves time and money. The electrostatic charge allows for better coverage in a shorter amount of time. On average, using an electrostatic sprayer also uses 65% less solution than cleaning using conventional methods. For employees and staff who are regularly handling food and food products, our Eco Sanitizer hand sanitizer gel is a must-have. Unlike many hand sanitizers on the market, our Eco Sanitizer gel is hypoallergenic, fragrance-free, and actually moisturizes and protects skin, so it is safe for regular use. Learn more about how Vitatek Solutions is helping to reduce disease transmission in the food industry.

Where Else Are People Using Our Products?

Given the versatile nature of our products, they are also used in many other industries and settings including medical clinics, veterinary clinics, dental offices, massage therapy clinics, physiotherapy offices, hospitals, daycares, community centres, shopping malls, emergency services including police and ambulance, corrections facilities, production facilities, processing plants, construction, restoration services, air ducts and HVACs, fitness centres, yoga and dance studios, grocery stores, theatres, food courts, camps including mining, forestry, and oil and gas, and many more.