Vitatek For Schools

Public education facilities including schools and universities are faced with the important task of minimizing spread of infection despite hundreds or thousands of students, faculty, and staff entering these facilities each day.

Protecting Safe Learning Environments

While there have always been efforts to keep schools clean and maintained, the outbreak of COVID-19 has reminded us of the importance of effective infection control. While the incidence of COVID-19 infection among children makes up only a portion of all cases, we also know the virus can have disastrous long-term health effects, especially for individuals who are susceptible or immunocompromised. In addition, even healthy children and older students can act as vectors for viruses, transporting them back and forth between school and home, which can spread infection. It is critical that steps be taken to ensure schools remain as safe as possible, not only to help prevent spread of infection like influenza and COVID-19, but also to safeguard against future outbreaks and keep our schools open and functional.

With the goal being to keep as many students in regular classroom settings as possible, we need effective strategies to control pathogens in our educational facilities to keep schools safe for all. School districts, colleges, and universities across the country are turning to Vitatek Solutions for their infection control needs. We offer a variety of cleaning products that make it easy to control germs while also avoiding the harmful chemicals found in conventional cleaning products, and we offer tools to help get the job done fast.

A Safer Way To Disinfect

Whether the job is big or small, our premier disinfectant solution, Vital Oxide, is quickly becoming the school disinfectant of choice across the country. Vital Oxide eliminates mold, mildew, bacteria, and viruses without damaging our health or the environment. ​It is Health Canada-approved and EPA-registered as a hospital-grade disinfectant and odour eliminator. Vital Oxide has been proven to kill 99.999% of pathogens including human coronavirus SARS-COV-2. It is 100% biodegradable, hypoallergenic, odourless, and non-irritating to skin and respiratory tissues. ​Unlike most conventional cleaners, Vital Oxide produces no harmful chemical byproducts or volatile organic compounds (VOCs). It breaks down to a simple salt! Extremely versatile, Vital Oxide can be applied to almost any surface, including ​tough-to-treat surfaces like fabric, carpet, and natural stone, making it the ideal go-to disinfectant for any job.

A More Efficient Way to Clean

When we need to disinfect large facilities quickly, an efficient system is essential. ​Your organization can save time and money by applying disinfectant using an electrostatic sprayer by Victory Innovations, which provides better coverage in a shorter amount of time. Using an electrostatic sprayer uses an average of 65% less solution than is needed for conventional spray-and-wipe methods. ​Vi​ ctory Innovations electrostatic sprayers come in backpack or handheld configurations. They are lightweight, cordless, and easy to operate. While spray-and-wipe techniques are often ineffective, merely smearing bacteria and viruses from one

surface to another, electrostatic sprayers deliver disinfectant to a broader surface area quickly and efficiently, even covering hard-to-reach spaces. There is minimal drip and effective disinfection, as particles of solution hold their cationic charge for 2-3 seconds. This means no wiping is required, so you end up with a surface that is truly free of germs. Our sprayers are battery-operated, giving you a full four hours of run time on a single battery charge, and a single tank of solution can cover up to 23,000 square feet. Learn more about how applying Vital Oxide using a Victory Innovations electrostatic sprayer is truly a winning combo.

Supporting Students And Staff

An important aspect of infection prevention is encouraging students, staff, and faculty to do their part. Placing hand sanitizer in areas that are easy to access and visible is essential. We offer a premium Health Canada-approved hand sanitizer gel by Eco Sanitizer that actually moisturizes and protects skin while also protecting against 99.99% of illness-causing pathogens. It is environmentally friendly, hypoallergenic, and scent-free, and unlike many hand sanitizers, it does not leave any sticky residue or chemical odours. Dispense the perfect amount of hand sanitizer every time using the touch-free Svavo automatic soap dispenser, which can be free standing, wall-mounted, or desktop.

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Where Else Are People Using Our Products?

Given the versatile nature of our products, they are also used in many other industries and settings including medical clinics, veterinary clinics, dental offices, massage therapy clinics, physiotherapy offices, hospitals, daycares, community centres, shopping malls, emergency services including police and ambulance, corrections facilities, production facilities, processing plants, construction, restoration services, air ducts and HVACs, fitness centres, yoga and dance studios, grocery stores, theatres, food courts, camps including mining, forestry, and oil and gas, and many more.