Vitatek For Transportation

The transportation industry is an essential service that facilitates commuting for millions of Canadians per year. However, it also faces the overwhelming challenge and responsibility of protecting the public from the spread of disease that is possible with such a large volume of passengers coming and going every day.

Innovative Solutions for the Transportation Industry

With millions of Canadians relying on public transit each year, the potential for spread of infection is significant. Vehicles of public transit like buses, airplanes, taxi cabs, and rail cars, and public transit stations and centres can become a breeding ground for a host of bacteria and viruses. Even when properly disinfected, one cough or sneeze can introduce a new infection that can quickly spread if not contained. Door handles, rails, seats, windows, floors, vending machines, washrooms, and ticket booth countertops are all common sites where bacteria and viruses can flourish. The transportation industry requires disinfectant solutions that can be applied to a variety of surfaces quickly and efficiently to keep up with the flow of traffic frequenting these public spaces.

Transit companies across Canada are turning to Vitatek Solutions to help them manage their cleaning and disinfecting needs. Vitatek Solutions offers a variety of products that allow for powerful and efficient disinfection of large and small spaces alike. From safe and effective disinfectant solution, to sprayers, hand sanitizers, and dispensers, we can help you keep your transit company moving smoothly.

Our flagship product and disinfectant solution, Vital Oxide kills 99.999% of bacteria and viruses, including COVID-19, and is registered by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and Health Canada. Incredibly versatile, Vital Oxide can be applied to a variety of surfaces including fabric, carpet, plastic, metal, natural stone, and food contact surfaces, and it is not corrosive to surfaces. Unlike many chemical cleaners on the market, Vital Oxide is 100% biodegradable, contains no scents or dyes, and produces no toxic byproducts or harmful VOCs. Learn more about Vital Oxide here.

To make quick work of disinfection of large spaces, we recommend using the electrostatic sprayer by Victory Innovations. This device is available in both a backpack or handheld configuration and is portable, lightweight, cordless, and battery-operated, running up to four hours and covering up to 23,000 square feet on a single charge. As disinfectant solution is sprayed on surfaces, the machine applies an electrostatic charge to particles of solution, optimizing the solution’s ability to coat and adhere to surfaces, even allowing the solution to wrap around edges and coat surfaces in hard-to-reach spaces. The thorough application made possible by using an electrostatic sprayer means you do not need to wipe surfaces, which not only saves time, but which also prevents re-contamination of treated areas. Using an electrostatic sprayer also saves money. When compared with conventional spray-and-wipe disinfectant methods, using an electrostatic sprayer uses an average of 65% less solution.

To help employees and the public do their part to reduce spread of illness, we also offer a premium hand sanitizer gel made from 70% food-grade ethyl alcohol that kills 99.99% of illness-causing viruses and bacteria including coronavirus. Unlike most hand sanitizers on the

market, which leave skin dry and damaged with continued use, our Eco Sanitizer hand sanitizer gel is non-irritating and actually moisturizes and protects skin, even with regular use. It is hypoallergenic, fragrance-free, and does not leave any harsh chemical smell or sticky residue. Furthermore, our hand sanitizer is ECOLOGO-certified, making it a better choice for our planet.

Stationing hand sanitizer in visible high-traffic areas like entryways, on countertops, and on walls encourages the public to use it regularly and keep hands free of germs to help spread illness. Our Svavo soap dispenser is the perfect device, as it dispenses the perfect amount of solution without excess spillage or dripping. With several mount options, including free-standing, countertop stand, or wall-mount options, this unit easily fits into any space.

Learn more about the uses and solutions of our products here.

Where Else Are People Using Our Products?

Given the versatile nature of our products, they are also used in many other industries and settings including medical clinics, veterinary clinics, dental offices, massage therapy clinics, physiotherapy offices, hospitals, daycares, community centres, shopping malls, emergency services including police and ambulance, corrections facilities, production facilities, processing plants, construction, restoration services, air ducts and HVACs, fitness centres, yoga and dance studios, grocery stores, theatres, food courts, camps including mining, forestry, and oil and gas, and many more.