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ECO Sanitizer Hand Sanitizer Gel – 4L Refill


Premium Gel Hand Sanitizer by ECO Sanitizer is a moisturizing, refreshing, and effective gel hand sanitizer that is clinically proven to protect and maintain hands.

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Eco Sanitizer Hand Sanitizer Gel


Our premium gel hand sanitizer by Eco Sanitizer is a moisturizing, refreshing, and effective gel hand sanitizer that is clinically proven to protect and maintain hands. It contains 70% ethyl alcohol, making it effective in killing 99.99% of most common illness-causing viruses and bacteria including coronavirus, Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus aureus, and Staphylococcus epidermis. This concentration exceeds the minimum standard concentration needed to kill the COVID-19 virus. In fact, ounce for ounce, the Eco Sanitizer Hand Sanitizer Gel outperforms other hand sanitizers on the market.


Distinguishing it from most conventional hand sanitizers, Eco Sanitizer Hand Sanitizer is ECOLOGO-certified—a certification reserved for products that meet rigorous standards in offering reduced environmental and health-related impacts throughout their entire lifecycle.

Safe and Pleasant to Use

The Eco Sanitizer Hand Sanitizer Gel offers a premium hand sanitizer experience! It is hypoallergenic, cruelty-free, and contains no dyes or artificial fragrances. Unlike many other hand sanitizers that smell strongly of chemicals or alcohol, our Eco Sanitizer Gel is naturally pleasant smelling. The convenient gel format makes it easy to apply, and it leaves no sticky residue. Eco Sanitizer’s Hand Sanitizer Gel is clinically proven to protect and moisturize the skin when used appropriately, and it leaves hands feeling refreshed. The ethyl alcohol contained is food grade, making the hand sanitizer safe for use by both adults and children (when used appropriately under supervision).

Made in Canada

We are proud to support a local company. The Eco Sanitizer Hand Sanitizer Gel is made locally in Vancouver, B.C.

Our Eco Sanitizer Hand Sanitizer Gel is available in three sizes:

  • Tabletop 320 mL bottle with hand pump
  • 1 Litre refill
  • 4 Litre jumbo sizeAll products are registered with Health Canada and have been assigned NPN# 80100135


Frequently Asked Questions:

What should I look for in a hand sanitizer?

The best hand sanitizer is one that effectively kills pathogens like bacteria and viruses while protecting and maintaining the integrity of the skin and protecting us and our environment from harmful chemicals and toxins. With the increased global need for hand sanitizers, many

products have come to market that are not regulated, approved, or certified in any way, and many of these contain ingredients that have not been proven to be effective and that can even be harmful to our health and to our environment. Choose products that are approved by Health Canada, that are ECOLOGO-certified, and that contain safe ingredients proven not to cause tissue damage with long-term use. Avoid strongly-scented products with added chemicals that leave sticky and unpleasant residues.

Which is better—soap or hand sanitizer?

Soap and hand sanitizers that meet the minimum effective concentration are both equally effective at eliminating viruses and bacteria from the skin when applied thoroughly to all hand surfaces. In general, soap and water has been the preferred method for disinfecting the hands whenever possible because in addition to killing pathogens, soap also removes dirt and debris, and taking the recommended 20 seconds to wash our hands allows the soap to reach more of the cracks and crevices in our hands where viruses may be lurking. Hand sanitizer is a portable and convenient option to use when soap and running water are not available, and it has superior efficacy to soap and water for killing certain viruses such as rhinovirus. When hand sanitizer is applied thoroughly to all surfaces of the hands, it is just as powerful, and sometimes even more effective, at killing pathogens.

Are there any long-term health effects from using hand sanitizer?

Many alcohol-based hand sanitizers are very dehydrating to the skin. Over time and with chronic use, these products can damage skin cells, promote aging of the skin, and disrupt the natural moisture barrier, causing increased susceptibility to infections. To prevent long-term effects, it is important to choose a hand sanitizer that is proven to protect and moisturize the skin.