A Safer Way
to Disinfect.

Kills 99.999% Of Bacteria & Viruses

Vital Oxide is an EPA registered hospital disinfectant, mold killer, and odour eliminator


• 100% biodegradable

• Reduces allergens

• pH balanced at 8.5

• Safe on treated surfaces: fabric, furniture, carpet, natural stone, plastic

• No special handling required

• Over one-year shelf life after opening


• Sanitizes food contact surfaces up to 99.9%

• Kills over 40 bacteria, viruses, and fungi, including HIV, E. coli, and salmonella

• NSF rated (D-2) – can be used at full strength on food contact surfaces with no rinsing

• Eliminates odours


• Eliminates noroviruses

• Shown in clinical trials to reduce healthcare-associated infections (HAIs) of Acinetobacter species by 95%

• Shown in university and government-sponsored studies to eliminates mold and mildew, and have long-term effectiveness on mold and mold spores.

Strong where you need it

Tough on germs, easy on you



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Think only harsh chemicals can really clean?

It’s time to think differently.

Safer for you and the planet

Vital Oxide is safe to handle without gloves or a respirator, it’s colourless and VOC and fragrance free, it won’t harm hard or soft surfaces or colourfast fabrics, and it’s so mild you can literally wash your hands in it. Vital Oxide is also biodegradable, breaking down into simple salts that don’t pollute our oceans, lakes, and rivers. Unlike some cleaning chemicals that may produce trihalomethanes (THM) and haloacetic acids (HAAS), which impact human health, Vital Oxide is safe for you and for the planet.

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One Product, Seven Solutions

 1. Hospital DisinfectantKills a wide range of viruses and bacteria without contributing to formation of mutating “super bugs.” Contains no volatile organic compounds (VOCs). 

2. NSF Registered (D2) food contact sanitizerKills 99.999% of bacteria, including E. coli, Salmonella, and Listeria, on food contact surfaces in less than 60 seconds. Has no odour so won’t alter the taste of food on sanitized surfaces.

3. Kills mold and mildewKills and prevents spores - For up to 7 months. Safe on soft and hard surfaces, including couches, carpets, kitchen counters, cutting boards, and painted walls.

4. Eliminates allergensHypoallergenic, and proven effective against most pet allergens and dander, dust mites, and cockroach allergens. Can be used directly on any sleeping area for pets or humans

5. Destroys odoursKills odours caused by smoke, garbage, pets, urine, feces, compost, mold, and much more. Our products do not contain any  masking agents or fragrances.

6. Controls microbes in HVAC and duct systemsUsed for antimicrobial control in HVAC air duct systems to neutralize bacteria, mold, mildew, and other fungi. It ensures clean air and spaces free of contamination.

7. Sanitizes soft surfacesKills odours and odour-causing bacteria on a range of soft surfaces, including upholstery, carpets, toys, curtains, and vehicle interiors.

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Is Your Gym Really Clean?

Most facilities aren’t cleaning often enough, which means that over 70% of bacteria found on gym equipment is potentially harmful.

Vital Oxide kills 99.99% of the bacteria and viral components found on shared equipment. It saves time and money.

Keeping Children Safe.

Schools and daycares are full of  bacteria and viruses, not to mention mold and fungi as well.

Vital Oxide is safe enough to spray without gloves or a mask. It’s safe for public areas where children tend to play.

Trusted by First Responders

Police, Firefighters, and Ambulance attendants are exposed to hundreds of infectious disease every single day.

Vital Oxide can help protect the people who protect the rest of us, resulting in a safer working environment for them.

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