Odour Eliminator

Purify the air you Breathe

Effective on harsh odours such as tobacco, smoke, pet urine, cooking and sports equipment, Vital Oxide cuts to the source of the odours on a molecular level, instead of masking them with fragrances.

Vital Oxide has powerful cleaning action that removes organic stains without damage to treated articles, hard or soft surfaces.

Unpleasant odours have been recognized as a warning sign of potential risks to human health. The rotting smell on producing or the rancid smell of spoiled food, triggers a natural defence in us indicating a health risk. Vital Oxide works on the cause of the malodour by oxidizing the organism causing it. With Vital Oxide, you can be sure that it will eliminate the cause of the problem. Other odour eliminators can cause allergic or asthmatic reactions making a bad situation worse. Vital Oxide is Hypoallergenic, contains no fragrances and can be used by the most sensitive allergy sufferers.

Vital Oxide has been proven to be effective on a variety of odours including:

• Tobacco smoke and smoke odours caused by fire damage.

• Musty mold, mildew, urine, vomit and fecal matter odours (pet and people).

• Cooking odours.

• Septic, wastewater treatment and lift station odour.

• Garbage and dumpster odours, skunk odours, diaper pails.

• Athletic gear (gloves, shoes, protective gear, helmets and pads)

• Locker rooms, RV's and cars, marine odours (boats and yachts).

• Residential and Commercial (Old Age Homes and Buildings).

• Pest management (dead rodents and other pest odours).

• Animal feedlots and dog kennels.